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Apu ‘to be axed’ from The Simpsons following racial controversy


Character has been the subject of debate since a comedian released a documentary that examined why it was so problematic

Alec Baldwin says 'black people love me' after playing Donald Trump on SNL


The actor will be returning to the role for some of season 44 of Saturday Night Live

Kanye West calls for abolition of the 13th amendment – which abolished slavery


’13th amendment is slavery in disguise’ artist says, before backtracking on comments

George the Poet says he was strip-searched because police stereotype black men


‘Imagine if my nephews woke up and saw their big famous uncle getting handled like this’

Seth Rogen calls out Twitter’s Jack Dorsey for the platform’s white supremacist problem


Seth Rogen is sick and tired of how Twitter has been dealing with the racists and white supremacists who plague the platform.

The actor called out Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Tuesday in a public tweet.

I’ve been DMing with @jack about his bizarre need to verify white supremacists on his platform for the last 8 months or so, and after all the exchanges, I’ve reached a conclusion: the dude simply does not seem to give a fuck.

— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) July 3, 2018

Rogen says he’s been privately messaging Jack via Twitter for months, trying to figure out what the company has in mind when it verifies white supremacists on its platform. Read more…

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German town braces for arrival of neo-Nazis at music festival


Large police deployment and counter-protests planned for event that coincides with Hitler’s birthday

A small town in eastern Germany is bracing for the arrival of hundreds of neo-Nazis planning to attend a music festival timed to coincide with Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

Anti-fascist groups have promised counter-protests and a large police deployment aims to prevent violence during the Schild und Schwert (Shield and Sword, or SS) festival in Ostritz, Saxony, on the border with Poland, a region where the AfD scored some of its strongest results in the 2017 elections.

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‘Lost’ film predicting rise of Nazism returns to screen


A 1924 silent movie rediscovered in a Paris flea market is back in cinemas after a restoration campaign, reports the BBC’s Bethany Bell in Vienna.

Heineken Pulls Ad That Chance The Rapper Called Racist

Heineken has pulled an advertisement for its light beer (with the tagline “Sometimes, Lighter Is Better”) that Chance The Rapper called out as “terribly racist” on Twitter. Per Reuters, the ad depicted “a bartender sliding a bottle of Heineken Light past a number of people of color, before it reaches a light-skinned woman.” … More »

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Did Martin Luther King predict his own death?


Fifty years ago, the civil rights leader gave his final speech. Did he conclude by predicting his assassination?

MLB: Chief Wahoo logo will not be allowed on new baseball Hall of Fame plaques


The baseball Hall of Fame says it no longer will use the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo logo for plaques of new members.

In a statement, the Hall said that it “concurs with the commissioner’s sentiment and acknowledges the shifting societal view of Native American logos in baseball.”

Former Cleveland…