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The most painful places to get a tattoo, according to tattoo artists


Tattoo application involves using a mechanised needle to repeatedly puncture the skin

Iowa train derailment sends cars plunging into river


Officials say the cargo train did not spill hazardous material into the river

John Legend Stars in Ad Opposing Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Confirmation

After Dr. Christine Blasey Ford revealed herself as the individual who claimed that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her as a high school student in the ’80s, notable figures — from Monica Lewinsky to Julia Louis-Dreyfus — have voiced their support and spoken out against Kavanaugh’s nomination. More »

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LGBTQ gamers are rejoicing about the pride flags in ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’


Your LGBTQ-friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has just landed some major points with the queer community.

In the recently released video game Marvel’s Spider-Man, the player gets to swing Peter Parker around modern-day New York City using his super sticky web. It’s during these free roaming sessions where the player might encounter an LGBTQ easter egg in the form of a pride flag. 

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Fans of the game have taken screenshots and have reacted positively to the rainbow flags and murals scattered throughout game’s open world.

Yeah, Spider-Man is pretty damn cool#PS4share #Pride pic.twitter.com/ym84MSl63Y

— Chauncey Billions (@MrHowie96) September 11, 2018 Read more…

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Netflix revives political thriller ‘Designated Survivor’

survive-ed.jpgNetflix has saved President Tom Kirkman’s re-election bid from failure by snapping up Designated Survivor after ABC canceled the show. According to Deadline, the third season of Kiefer Sutherland’s political thriller will be a global Netflix original…

Judy Garland’s stolen ruby slippers found after 13 years


The highly valued shoes from the Wizard of Oz were taken from a museum 13 years ago.

Bob Dylan: The extraordinary pictures documenting a seminal period of rock'n'roll history


Daniel Kramer documented Bob Dylan in 1964-5, the year he went electric and changed the world. His intimate access allowed a portrait of an artist who was so much older then…

Bill Maher hits out at Donald Trump and Fox News for their Aretha Franklin tributes


‘She worked for you? A complete lie. This guy cannot say “rest in peace” without lying,’ says Maher

Trump Jr. shares a fake Photoshop of his daddy’s approval rating


Donald Trump Jr. was caught red-handed for a terrible Photoshop job, but this time it wasn’t because he airbrushed his pores into oblivion

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Don Jr. shared a CNN report comparing Trump’s approval ratings with statistics from Obama’s presidency. 

“Amazing,” Trump Jr. captioned it. “I guess there is a magic wand to make things happen and @realdonaldtrump seems to have it.”

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Except, @realdonaldtrump doesn’t seem to “have it” because the screenshot is a poorly edited graphic that makes the current president’s approval say 50 percent instead of the actual 40 percent. In other words, Trump Jr. has (ironically) participated in spreading fake news. Read more…

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Michael Moore says Trump will be 'last president' in newly released Fahrenheit 11/9 trailer


In the new documentary, Moore interviews survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School school shooting

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