Superchunk – “Erasure” Video

Earlier this year, the veteran North Carolina pop-punk howlers Superchunk released the fired-up, topical What A Time To Be Alive. A band at this career stage really has no business cranking out one of their best albums, but that’s what Superchunk have done here. And today, they’ve come out with a video for “More »

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Allman Brothers Band ‘Peach Picks: Cream Of The Crop 2003’ Due In May

A compilation of 36 tracks recorded by the Allman Brothers Band at concerts in 2003 will be released next month.

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The Art Of Jerry Garcia And The Grateful Dead At C. Parker Gallery In Greenwich, Connecticut


The Art Of Jerry Garcia And The Grateful Dead At C. Parker Gallery In Greenwich, Connecticut  ShowTheShowFor The First Time, Here Are Jerry Garcia’s Earliest Known Recorded Performances  HuffPostFull coverage


Westworld’s Season Two Premiere Has Lots of Dead Bodies and Almost Nothing Else


Westworld’s second season premiere lasts just two minutes before a character utters the phrase “What is real?” Dolores asks the question to Bernard, in one of those face-to-face diagnostic sessions that we’ve surely seen five thousand times in Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s blockbuster sci-fi series by now. These scenes are like random


The National reveal daily lineups and single-day tickets for Forest Hills fest


Two-day passes are sold out, so you might wanna act quick on single-day passes, which are on sale now.

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Garbage announce ‘Version 2.0′ 20th anniversary tour


Garbage’s classic sophomore album Version 2.0 turns 20 this year, and after announcing that they’re celebrating with an expanded reissue, Garbage have now also announced a tour where they’ll play the album in full…

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John Oliver compares Trump’s Iran deal stance to a cat on an airplane


When faced with a “will he, won’t he” question, Trump always picks the worst answer, and John Oliver is here to explain his next big mistake.

On Last Week Tonight last night, Oliver talked about Trump’s upcoming Iran Deal decision, why Trump hates the Iran Deal so much, and what would happen if he kills it.

It’s hilarious yet disturbing.

Oliver first points out how much Trump pretends to know about the Iran Deal, with clips of Trump citing elements of the deal that don’t exist. 

“Let’s be absolutely clear here, Donald Trump has never studied anything in great detail,” Oliver said. “If you asked him what color his wife’s eyes are, he would say ’34D, but firm.'” Read more…

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Brian Eno With Kevin Shields – “The Weight Of History”

Veteran British visionaries Brian Eno and Kevin Shields, two giants of perspective-altering modern music production, teamed up for a single called “Only Once Away My Son” last year. They’ve just followed it with a new one called “The Weight Of History,” which was released Saturday as a Record Store Day exclusive with the prior … More »

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We finally (kind of) know where Westworld is


HBO’s Westworld is back to taunt us with mysteries for the next two months, but the Season 2 premiere started clearing up something that’s puzzled fans for years: The location of Westworld itself.

It turns out that Westworld – and probably a few other Delos parks – is located on a remote island.

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In the second scene of Sunday’s premiere, “Journey Into Night,” Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) meets Delos’ Karl Strand (Gustav Skarsgård) while he’s arguing with a member of the Chinese military. China has signed over authority over the entire island, though that doesn’t totally clarify its location (EW notes that in Westworld‘s future, China may have acquired more territory). Strand isn’t particularly fussed about the property’s history – he calls it “my fucking island” and sends the military away immediately. Read more…

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The Walking Dead Boss Teases Possible Return For Dwight – We Got This Covered


We Got This Covered
The Walking Dead Boss Teases Possible Return For Dwight
We Got This Covered
The Walking Dead season 8 finale bucked the trend of the infamously bloodthirsty zombie drama and ended up not killing any major characters. That was the whole point, after all, as it was about Rick deciding to live up to Carl’s final wish and let his


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