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Bohemian Rhapsody faces censorship in Malaysia due to anti-homosexuality laws


Censors have reportedly cut 24 minutes from the biographical film about Queen and its frontman Freddie Mercury

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20 things we could do right now to reduce climate change and prevent extreme poverty


Project Drawdown researches connections between cutting planet-warming emissions and stopping poverty, disease and malnutrition

Experts scramble to decipher mysterious inscription on ancient stone discovered in Mesopotamia


Sir Richard Francis Burton ‘wanted to be a legend’ and may have invented artefact’s back-story

Bono Met With The Pope And Says He’s “Aghast” About Church Sex Abuse

BonoU2 frontman Bono described Pope Francis as being “aghast” about sex abuse in the Catholic Church. More »

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John Cleese very bluntly confirms that people in Britain don’t like Trump


When it comes to sharing his feelings on Donald Trump, John Cleese really doesn’t beat around the bush.

On Monday night the British comedy legend appeared on The Late Show and spoke about the US President with Stephen Colbert.

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“He says the British like him,” Colbert remarks in the clip above. “Do they like him?”

“No,” is Cleese’s immediate response.

His biggest shut-down comes a few seconds later, though, when Colbert says Trump doesn’t trust continental Europeans.

“He doesn’t trust anyone in charge of a democracy, does he?” is Cleese’s reply. Read more…

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Elton John to Perform at Royal Wedding: Report


Sir Elton John will indeed be performing at his old friend Prince Harry’s wedding on Saturday, TMZ reports. The “Rocket Man” singer was among an A-list group of musicians, including James Blunt and the Spice Girls, rumored to be playing the  royal wedding this weekend.  It’s still unknown whether John will be performing at the…

Heinz sparks international outrage with new 'mayochup' condiment


Company accused of ‘cultural appropriation’, ;gentrifying’ and ‘colonising’ beloved dressing

Trinidad and Tobago judge rules homophobic laws unconstitutional


The ruling, which declared sections of the Sexual Offences Act unconstitutional, may soon lead to decriminalising gay sex

Gay sex between consenting men in Trinidad and Tobago could soon be decriminalised following a court judgment that campaigners said might spark similar decisions elsewhere in the Caribbean.

In a ruling on Thursday, judge Devindra Rampersad said sections of the Sexual Offences Act, which prohibited “buggery” and “serious indecency” between two men, criminalised consensual same-sex activity between adults, and were unconstitutional.

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FBI Raids Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen’s Office, Seizes Documents


Federal agents armed with search warrants have seized documents from President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, a defense lawyer said Monday.

The raid on Cohen’s office was done by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan and was based, in part, on a referral from special counsel Robert Mueller, according to Cohen’s lawyer,…

Passion of Christ performance in Brazil disintegrates into chaos as man tries to 'save Jesus' from being crucified


‘Witnesses reported the attacker was shouting ‘he was not going to let Jesus die’ before he barged onto stage’

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