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Lucy Masoud – let me tell you what it feels like to use a changing room as a transgender person


Masoud, the Fire Brigade’s LGBT union representative, not only insulted trans people on the Today programme, but also undermined her role. Her job is to stand up for workers, particularly those who are most vulnerable to being abused


Former Beatle Ringo Starr: I’ll wear my medal at breakfast


Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr receives his knighthood for services to music.


Pussy Riot – “Elections”

Today, Russian citizens are headed to the polls to vote in their presidential election, and known enemies of the state Pussy Riot chose to mark the occasion with the release of a new song. Aptly-titled “Elections,” the song was shared on Twitter with the pointed caption: “it’s the election day in Russia (guess who’ll win??).”



The rappers getting ‘terror’ sentences for songs


Artists say the government is using controversial anti-terror laws to curb free speech, writes Guy Hedgecoe in Madrid.


Salvador Dalí reburied after exhumation for paternity tests


Samples taken for DNA tests that disproved paternity claim rejoin artist’s body in Catalonian tomb

Three decades after he died and eight months after his remains were disinterred to settle a paternity claim, Salvador Dalí has once again been laid to rest, in his entirety, beneath the museum he designed as a shrine to his own life and art.

The surrealist’s body was exhumed from its tomb in Figueres, Catalonia, in July after a judge gave the go-ahead to DNA tests to establish whether Dalí was the father of Pilar Abel, a tarot card reader and fortune teller who had long claimed to be his daughter.

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Let Me Hear You Stream: Indies Rock Overseas Music Markets


Let Me Hear You Stream: Indies Rock Overseas Music Markets  Wall Street JournalMerlin reveals global streaming boom for indie repertoire  Music WeekFull coverage


Pearl Jam Dedicate Live Debut Of “Can’t Deny Me” To Parkland Students, “Come Back” To Chris Cornell At Chile Concert

Yesterday, veteran rockers Pearl Jam returned with the wide release of their first song in years, “Can’t Deny Me.” (It was previously available to members of their fan club.) After a period of silence from the band, it found them no less impassioned than at other points in their career when the world was … More »

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Ancient cave paintings in Chile irreparably damaged by graffiti


Images of animals and boats lining caves are around 1,400 years old