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M. Ward Performs On CBS ‘Saturday Sessions’

Watch M. Ward play a trio of songs from his recently released surprise studio album on ‘CBS This Morning’.

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Seasonal Beast – “I Can Make You Disappear” Video

Seasonal Beast - "I Can Make You Disappear" VideoBrooklyn’s Seasonal Beast is the moody project of Yuval Semo, who had a brief stint in John Darnielle’s folk group the Mountain Goats, and Israeli composer Yula Beeri. Today, the group is releasing a music video for “I Can Make You Disappear,” the lead track off their 2017 debut album Muscle Memory. More »

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The Staircase: Netflix releases trailer for new true crime whodunit


The series is drawing quite obvious parallels to Making a Murderer


watch Stephen Malkmus’ ‘Sparkle Hard: The Movie’


If you’ve been curious about the thought process behind Stephen Malkmus’ ’Sparkle Hard’, wanted to hear some of the songs from it played live, and ever wanted to see S.M. volley against a tennis machine, you’re in luck.

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Watch this new music video from Dawes

Please enjoy the premiere of this new Dawes music video “Living in the Future,” the first single off the Indie roots rockers’s forthcoming album Passwords, out June 22. Grant James directed the clip.

According to the band, Passwords is “for and about the modern age: the relationships that fill it, the politics that divide it, and the small victories and big losses that give it shape.”

“We’re living in such a unique moment in history,” says Dawes lead singer Taylor Goldsmith. “Many of these songs are an attempt to come to terms with the modern world, while always trying to consider both sides of the story…

“Songs can be passwords because they’re a means of giving access to someone else’s perspective, thereby elaborating your own.”

Tour dates here.


Jack White Sings Extended Commercial Jingles With Stephen Colbert — Watch

Jack White & Stephen ColbertJack White had a little fun during his guest appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night. In addition to performing “Ice Station Zebra,” the song from his new album Boarding House Reach on which he comes dangerously close to rapping, White also took part in a jokey segment called “Jingle More Of … More »

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Watch the earliest footage of The Grateful Dead in 1966

Watch the earliest footage of The Grateful Dead in 1966  Far Out MagazineFull coverage


High school golfer attacked by goose documented in unbelievable photos


What if Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds was real life? Except instead of many birds, it’s just one big bird?

SEE ALSO: Brave student responds to all of Southern Oregon University with a joke about cougar sightings

At a recent high school golf tournament in Michigan, one unlucky student named Isaac Couling crossed paths with the most pissed off goose ever.

The group of four Blissfield High School students had just teed off, when they noticed a goose sitting on an egg nearby and made sure to keep their distance — until another goose appeared out of nowhere ready for battle.

I’m just really glad someone was there to photograph the event rather than help. Read more…

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Superchunk – “Erasure” Video

Earlier this year, the veteran North Carolina pop-punk howlers Superchunk released the fired-up, topical What A Time To Be Alive. A band at this career stage really has no business cranking out one of their best albums, but that’s what Superchunk have done here. And today, they’ve come out with a video for “More »

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Watch Marilyn Manson Join X Japan For “Sweet Dreams” At Coachella

Marilyn Manson made his first Coachella appearance yesterday, joining metal superstars X Japan during their second set to play his haunting cover of Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).” The shock rock icon announced the “special performance” last week on Instagram, “I am happy to join my great friend @yoshikiofficial … More »

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