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Chas & Dave's decision to sing in their own voices, about who they were and where they were from, changed British cultural history


Chas Hodges did not create a novelty pub act. They were up there with the very best


Dublin named one of best cities on planet for live music


Dublin named one of best cities on planet for live music  Independent.ieFull coverage


Slave to Sirens: All-female heavy metal band brings girl power to Lebanon


All-female heavy metal band, Slave to Sirens, brings girl power to Lebanon.


John Cleese very bluntly confirms that people in Britain don’t like Trump


When it comes to sharing his feelings on Donald Trump, John Cleese really doesn’t beat around the bush.

On Monday night the British comedy legend appeared on The Late Show and spoke about the US President with Stephen Colbert.

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“He says the British like him,” Colbert remarks in the clip above. “Do they like him?”

“No,” is Cleese’s immediate response.

His biggest shut-down comes a few seconds later, though, when Colbert says Trump doesn’t trust continental Europeans.

“He doesn’t trust anyone in charge of a democracy, does he?” is Cleese’s reply. Read more…

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Rage Against the Machine Sends Nigel Farage Cease and Desist Over “Farage Against the Machine” Podcast


Rage Against the Machine have sent controversial British podcaster, Fox News pundit, and former leader of the UK’s Independence Party Nigel Farage a cease and desist letter, objecting to the use of “Farage Against the Machine” as the title for his current podcast, as The Blast and Pitchfork report. In the letter, the band’s lawyer,…


BBC Studios really wants to know who leaked ‘Doctor Who’ footage

BBC Studios really wants to know who leaked ‘Doctor Who’ footage

1,500 LED pigeons take to the London skyline


Performance commemorates to messenger pigeons who played vital role in First World War


Elton John to Perform at Royal Wedding: Report


Sir Elton John will indeed be performing at his old friend Prince Harry’s wedding on Saturday, TMZ reports. The “Rocket Man” singer was among an A-list group of musicians, including James Blunt and the Spice Girls, rumored to be playing the  royal wedding this weekend.  It’s still unknown whether John will be performing at the…


Queen’s Brian May leads race to protect Britain’s disappearing hedgehogs


‘By listing them as a protected species, we can ensure human progress does not lead to inevitable doom for hogs’


Ed Sheeran responds to claims he's building a wall around his house 'to keep out homeless people'


Singer-songwriter wrote a message to The Sun newspaper on Instagram explaining that he wanted a wall ‘to keep the paps that you employ from being on my doorstep’


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