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Imprisoned suffragette letter discovered


A previously unknown letter gives a first-hand account from the first suffragette to be jailed.


Trump urged Spain to ‘build a wall’ across Sahara, says minister


The Spanish foreign minister says he disagreed with the idea, put to him during a visit to the US.


Jet Airways: Passengers hurt as pilots ‘forget’ cabin pressure


Dozens on a Jet Airways flight are injured as pilots “forget” a switch to maintain cabin pressure.


Storm Ali: Woman dies as caravan is blown off cliff


A woman in Ireland is killed as Storm Ali batters parts of the British Isles with 90mph winds.


Arrests in Georgia church for selling edible marijuana


The pair were caught selling cereal treats, brownies and puddings laced with marijuana, police say.


Accusations Draw New Attention to Kavanaugh’s Remarks About Drinking

In a speech to the Yale Law School Federalist Society in 2014, Judge Kavanaugh recalled some debaucherous — if seemingly harmless — nights of heavy drinking as a law student.


U.S. Loses Track of Another 1,500 Migrant Children, Investigators Find

The inability to confirm the whereabouts of migrant children after they move from federal shelters raises concerns that they could be exploited by human traffickers.


Van launched into the air during Attleborough crash


Dashcam footage reveals the moment a van flies feet into the air.


Colorado robber drops gun, then trousers


He meant to rob a vape shop in Aurora, but the whole plan went south in a just a matter of seconds.


The Rio Grande Is Dying. Does Anyone Care?

Drained by farmers and divided by treaty, America’s second-longest river is running dry.


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