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Drug Church – “Unlicensed Hall Monitor” Video

Every time I hear the name Drug Church, I can’t help but associate it with J Church: an incredible Bay Area punk band that came up in the early ’90s alongside Jawbreaker, Rancid, and Green Day, but failed to find success on the scale of those bands. This was a criminal oversight, of … More »

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Ceci G – “Mala Fruta”

Texas-born, LA-based songwriter and producer Cecilia Gomez got her start as half of the industrial pop duo Crater. Now, in addition to playing synth for Charli XCX’s touring band, she’s unleashing her “dirtypop” solo project as Ceci G. Her sound is informed by glitch pop and her Paraguayan and Mexican roots. These influences … More »

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Watch Noname Make Her Absolutely Charming Solo TV Debut On Colbert

Noname-on-ColbertNoname has been on late-night TV before. Two years ago, when her friend and collaborator Chance The Rapper was a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, he brought Noname to the stage, and they performed “Finish Line/Drown” together. Noname’s entrance — giddy and self-conscious and embarrassed, grinning huge while doing a little two-step … More »

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Best Netflix movies: Sure-fire hits and films you might have missed


The films you should be watching, updated for 2018


Strange Relations – “Sideline Kid”

Strange RelationsStrange Relations have been putting out music since 2013, and around this time last year the Minneapolis duo released their sophomore full-length, Editorial You, an intoxicating blend of wiry rock songs that boasted some razor-sharp hooks. They’re following that up next week with a three-song EP, Sideline Kid, and today they’re … More »

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Dave Grohl to Debut His 23-Minute Instrumental ‘PLAY’ at Live Show


Back in August, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters released a two-part mini documentary called PLAY, featuring a sprawling 23-minute piece of music performed entirely by Grohl. That piece will get its full live debut in December, with Grohl’s performance at Warren Haynes’s Christmas Jam, the annual charity concert held in Asheville, North Carolina, by the Allman Brothers and Gov’t Mule guitarist.


Game of Thrones season 8: Maisie William reveals Arya is totally alone in a ‘perfect’ final scene


The actor reveals she was ready to move on from the HBO series


Album of the Day: Kenny Segal, “happy little trees”


Beethoven preferred the company of trees to people. Claude Debussy penned passionate essays on the symbiosis of music and nature, declaring it the supreme source of beauty in the universe. So when Los Angeles producer Kenny Segal decided to make an instrumental album that reflected the majesty of the natural world, he was in good company.

Even though his Kenstrumentals series is three volumes deep, Segal considers the previous installments beat tapes: collections comprised of reworks, instrumentals stripped of collaborations, and gems from the vault. By contrast, happy little trees is an instrumental album, and it veers away from the steady knock of Segal’s rap beats in favor of subtle compositions built from snares, hi-hats, and sinewy basslines with plenty of ambient space in between. The album plays out like a hike: “little trees” and “big decisions” mark the trailhead, “cole’s final” is a steep climb punctuated by springy strings, anticipating the reprieve that is “debushy.” “Then everyone went home” is Kenny by the campfire—is that vinyl crackle or firewood?

Undeniably, happy little trees is earthy, even in the moments when its sound veers toward cosmic jazz. Collaborators like Aaron Carmack and Mike Parvizi, who make up the Jefferson Park Boys, alongside Segal, assist with bass and Rhodes, but the direction is entirely in Segal’s capable hands. Everything in its right place—as painter Bob Ross would say, there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.

-Blake Gillespie


Little Mix announce UK tour for new album LM5: How to get tickets


Pop group are preparing to release their new album LM5


The Walking Dead season 8: Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes is leaving sooner than expected


The actor will leave the series before the mid-season finale in December


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