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Full Show Audio: My Morning Jacket Performs ‘It Still Moves’ & ‘Z’ At One Big Holiday 2018

Listen to My Morning Jacket perform all of ‘It Still Moves’ and ‘Z’ as well as a 20-minute “Cobra” earlier this month at their One Big Holiday event in the Dominican Republic.

Pearl Jam Share New Song “Can’t Deny Me” With Fan Club

Pearl Jam have shared “Can’t Deny Me,” their first new song in five years, with members of their official Ten Club fan club. The song seems to contain a few pointed references to Donald Trump with lines like “You may be rich but you can’t deny me/ Got nothing but the will to … More »

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Stream Jonny Greenwood You Were Never Really Here Score

For a little over 10 years now, Jonny Greenwood has been carving out a whole second life for himself aside from Radiohead as an acclaimed composer. He often works in the medium of film scores, and he often specifically works with Paul Thomas Anderson, a director whose idiosyncratic and auteurist tendencies have paired nicelyMore »

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Barack Obama’s next move could be a series on Netflix


Former Presidents of the U.S. are typically inundated with offers from the private sector when they leave office. Recent White House tenant Barack Obama is about to take a unique step, however, with reports suggesting that he is close to agreeing to have his own show on Netflix.

The New York Times is reporting that Obama is in “advanced negotiations” to produce a series for the global streaming service.

That’s about all the information we have for now. The Journal said the content would include Obama’s wife Michelle, both of whom would be paid by Netflix, and the shows would be exclusive to the streaming platform which claims 118 million subscribers.

According to the report, Obama’s motivation is to highlight inspirational stories rather than use the opportunity to hit back at political opponents and critics, including the Trump administration.

The deal would be a major coup for Netflix, and extend Obama’s already significant online reach. The former President boasts 101 million Twitter followers with 55 million likes on his Facebook page.

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Stream Girls Rituals Im Desperate

Girls Rituals is an experimental pop project based out of Toronto. She comes highly recommended by Katie Dey, who also recently covered one of their songs, and the music is sort of like the chaotic neutral version of Dey’s insular glitchy soundscapes, but that’s only if you’re trying to force a comparison … More »

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Wow, Netflix’s ‘Lost in Space’ reboot series sure looks expensive


The previous Lost in Space trailer didn’t show much, it just gave a taste. This new trailer, however, is much more generous.

Netflix’s reboot of the 1960s sci-fi series sticks to the same basic premise: The Robinson family, along with their small crew, are left stranded on a hostile, alien world when disaster strikes the colony ship that was ferrying them to a new home in the stars.

This newly released trailer reveals how the reboot changes some of the story. Robot, once a Robinson traveling companion, now appears to be some kind of alien entity (though he does say his memorable “Danger, Will Robinson!” line in this trailer). Also, the crashed ship that served as an immobile home base for the original Robinsons is a whole lot more mobile here. Read more…

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Robert Plant Performs On ‘The Late Late Show’

Watch an interview with and performance by Led Zeppelin co-founder Robert Plant on last night’s ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden.’

Stream The Breeders All Nerve

The Breeders’ first album in 10 years is finally here. All Nerve marks the first time Kim and Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs, and Jim Macpherson have recorded an LP together since their 1993 classic Last Splash, and we’ve heard a few singles from the album, including “Nervous Mary,” “Wait In The Car,” and … More »

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Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s daughter Maya cast in ‘Stranger Things 3’

On Friday, Netflix announced a new cast member for the upcoming season of Stranger Things. Maya Thurman-Hawke, the 19-year-old daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, will join the hit show as Robin, the “alternative girl.”

Variety writes:

Hawke will play an “alternative girl” bored with her mundane day job. She seeks excitement in her life and gets more than she bargained for when she uncovers a dark secret in Hawkins, Ind.


photo via Netflix

The Capitol Theatre Announces Free Melvin Seals & JGB Webcast

The Capitol Theatre will present a free webcast of Melvin Seals & JGB Celebrating 40 years of Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia’s solo album ‘Cats Under The Stars’

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