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When birds sound like heavy metal and hardcore vocalists

TIL two things:

1. YouTube is home to the world’s only heavy metal-themed talk show. It’s called Two Minutes to Late Night.

2. Vocalists of all metal subgenres often shriek and squawk like birds. To prove it, the Two Minutes to Late Night host recently asked ornithologist Tom Stephenson of BirdGenie (an app that identifies birds by their sounds), “What Birds Do Metal Singers Sound Like?” He had no problem matching birds to their metal equivalent.

For instance, the (most-non-metal) bird expert (ever) identified the Northern Potoo as a close match to the screeching vocals of Converge’s 2001 metalcore song “Concubine.” Ok, sure.

(The Awesomer)


Watch the Slow Mo Guys smack James Corden in the face with a dodgeball

The Slow Mo Guys were guests on The Late Late Show and to show what they do, they filmed host James Corden as they threw a dodgeball at his cheek. The slow-motion instant replay shows Corden’s face being warped by the pressure but, all in all, he took it like a complete champ.


Former Walking Dead actor reveals real reason behind his exit – 1428 Elm


1428 Elm
Former Walking Dead actor reveals real reason behind his exit
1428 Elm
One of the first biggest surprises from The Walking Dead came when Jeffrey DeMunn’s Dale was killed off, and DeMunn has revealed the story behind why. Six years later, the plot thickens! Anyone who’s been watching The Walking Dead since the beginning


The Internet Archive is hosting a symposium on John Perry Barlow on April 7 (and I’m emceeing)

EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow died last month, and though his death had been long coming, it’s left a hole in the hearts of the people who loved him and whom he inspired.


‘The Walking Dead’ Melissa McBride Denies Rumors of Carol Coming to ‘Fear’ – Newsweek


‘The Walking Dead‘ Melissa McBride Denies Rumors of Carol Coming to ‘Fear’
The Walking Dead fans went nuts this past January when sources close to The Spoiling Dead Fans spotted Carol’s Melissa McBride on the Dale, Texas set of Fear The Walking Dead. While the set visit was confirmed and quietly disregarded, has
‘Walking Dead’ fans wonder where Maggie’s baby bump is – NY …New York Daily News
WonderCon: Inside Morgan’s Arrival on Fear The Walking DeadCBR
I Don’t Think This Episode Was “The Key” To ‘The Walking DeadBlack Girl Nerds
Otakukart –Flickering Myth (blog) –TV Fanatic
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Beautiful art made from ashes of euthanized shelter animals

For her Stardust and Ashes project, Shannon Johnstone wanted to memorialize local shelter animals “with nobody to mourn their passing,” so she used their ashes to make cosmic cyanotypes. (more…)


Artist Spotlight: Darla McKenna


Captain Kirk, Spock, and Uhura want you to stay off hard drugs

In 1973, the National Association Of Progressive Radio Announcers released “Get Off,” a 1973 vinyl record featuring dozens of musicians delivering anti-hard drug warnings. Along with personal warnings from Grateful Dead, Alice Cooper, the Doobie Bros., BB King, Ravi Shankar, the Staple Singers, and Frank Zappa, the crew of the starship Enterprise visits a planet ravaged by hard drugs. Just say know.


Music to poop by

A lot of terrible things go on inside of your average porta potty. This is one of them.


Zen out on Bob Ross peeling off contact paper

Need a meditative moment? Try watching the late great Joy of Painting host Bob Ross peel off contact paper and masking tape from his paintings for nearly four minutes. Ahhh… that’s better.



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