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“These are evil days” Martin Luther King Jr’s children condemn Trump over shithole comments
mlk-day-trump.jpg The President has faced severe international condemnation for his alleged remarks


President Trump, don't worry about cancelling on us – we didn't want you to come anyway. Yours sincerely, London


I can just imagine Trump surveying the London edition of Monopoly and scattering his counters across the table in fury at the realisation that Mayfair, not Vauxhall, features on the board


David Letterman’s Netflix talk show snags Obama as the first guest
10502_02_0661.jpgWhile Chelsea Handler's talk show on Netflix is on its way out, the company is taking a different approach with a new attempt featuring David Letterman as shown by its first trailer. My Next Guest Needs No Introduction is scheduled for six 60-minute...


Monica Lewinsky slams HLN special carrying her name


Monica Lewinsky slams HLN special carrying her name  ABC NewsWomen Need To Be Believed — Not Blindly 'Protected' As Victims  WBURFlashback: Matt Lauer Grills Hillary Clinton On Monica Lewinsky  The Daily CallerFull coverage


Garbage tell fans offended by their Planned Parenthood shirt to “support another band”


”If it offends you that we defend a woman's right to choose........please go support another band. We are not the band for you.”

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Comfort women: Osaka cuts ties with sister city San Francisco over statue memorialising military sex slaves


The cities have been tied since 1957


Stephen Colbert And Elizabeth Warren Talk Trump: “There Are Dog Years, Now There Are Trump Years”
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRGaTtQJdX5a6HPVeBnOq_Stephen Colbert And Elizabeth Warren Talk Trump: “There Are Dog Years, Now There Are Trump Years”  DeadlineElizabeth Warren: 'There were dog years, now there are Trump years'  Washington ExaminerElizabeth Warren compares Trump presidency to 'dog years' in 'Late Show' interview  ABC NewsElizabeth Warren Won't Say If Al Franken Should Resign  Daily BeastFull coverage


Watch Jeff Tweedy and Steve Albini Promote ACA Enrollment in New Comedy Sketch


Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy and famed producer Steve Albini have teamed up in a short new sketch comedy video to promote the Affordable Care Act. The clip features the two Chicago musicians as inept undercover cops who take too long to assist their accomplice stop an art heist, a metaphor for the brief window of time left to sign up for the Affordable…


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