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Snoop Dogg says 'f*** the president' while smoking a blunt outside the White House


Rapper’s series of Instagram videos is the latest example of him trolling the POTUS

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Navy Sailors Who Operated a Nuclear Reactor Busted for Allegedly Using and Selling LSD


A probe of U.S. Navy sailors accused of distributing and using LSD is expanding. At least two men who worked in the nuclear reactor department on the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier are reportedly facing a court-martial, and at least 12 others are said to be under investigation over the psychedelic drug.

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Canada legalises marijuana: Everything you need to know about the new cannabis law


Prime minister Justin Trudeau argues it will reduce black market trade worth billions

Maine restaurant sedates lobsters with marijuana


A lobster restaurant in Maine says the process is more humane as it lessens their pain before death.

Canada just became the second country in the world to legalize marijuana
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSsDNcpoeMsPkOBWWYLiTa Canada just became the second country in the world to legalize marijuana  Business InsiderCanada to announce marijuana legalization date soon  Washington PostCanadian senate passes weed bill but legalization delayed  PBS NewsHourCanada just legalized marijuana. That has big implications for US drug policy.  VoxFull coverage
Arizona: Supreme Court Affirms That Lawmakers Cannot Ban Medical Cannabis Access on College Campuses

In a ruling issued today by the Arizona Supreme Court, justices upheld an appellate court decision striking down a 2012 law that sought to forbid medical cannabis access on college campuses.

Lifetime NORML Legal Committee member Tom Dean represented the patient-defendant in the case pro bono, and called the decision a “victory for democracy.”

Justices opined that the 2012 law was unconstitutional because it impermissibly sought to amend the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, which voters passed in 2010. State law limits the legislature’s ability to amend, repeal, or supersede voter-initiated laws.

“Because the AMMA sets forth a list of locations where the legislature may impose ‘civil, criminal or other penalties’ when a person possesses or uses marijuana, § 36-2802, and because that list does not include college and university campuses (unlike pre-, primary-, and secondary-school grounds), we assume that the voters did not intend to criminalize AMMA-compliant possession or use of marijuana on public college and university campuses,” the court ruled. It further rejected the state’s claim that a campus-wide ban was necessary in order to preserve universities’ federal funding.

“If the State had prevailed, they could then have tampered with any and all ballot initiatives, past, present, and future,” said Dean. “This is a victory for all Arizona voters and especially for medical marijuana patients.”

The ruling sets aside the felony conviction of defendant Andrew Lee Maestas, who was initially charged and found guilty of the possession of 0.4 grams of marijuana despite his status as a state-registered medical cannabis patient.

The case is Arizona v Maestas, No. CR-17-0193-PR.

Mayor and Some Prosecutors Move to Curb Marijuana Arrests
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ2NBPuLUHyt0WBDUkYGtR Mayor and Some Prosecutors Move to Curb Marijuana Arrests  New York TimesNYC Mayor Announces ‘Overhaul and Reform’ of Marijuana Enforcement Laws  High TimesManhattan DA Announces It Will No Longer Prosecute Marijuana Possession to Correct Racial Disparity in Arrests  Slate MagazineDistrict Attorney Vance to End the Prosecution of Marijuana Possession and Smoking Cases  manhattanda.orgStaten Island DA won’t be joining in on push to stop prosecuting marijuana charges  New York Daily NewsFull coverage
On marijuana and opioids — the DEA has no clue what it’s talking about


On marijuana and opioids — the DEA has no clue what it’s talking about  The HillFull coverage
Ohio Attorney General certifies marijuana legalization petition


Ohio Attorney General certifies marijuana legalization petition  Cincinnati.comAttorney General certifies marijuana legalization petition  fox8.comWhat we know now about efforts to put marijuana back on the ballot  MyDaytonDailyNewsFull coverage
Maine House overturns governor’s veto of marijuana bill


Maine House overturns governor’s veto of marijuana bill  The HillLegislature overturns LePage veto on recreational marijuana bill  Press HeraldFull coverage

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