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Watch this new music video from Dawes

Please enjoy the premiere of this new Dawes music video “Living in the Future,” the first single off the Indie roots rockers’s forthcoming album Passwords, out June 22. Grant James directed the clip.

According to the band, Passwords is “for and about the modern age: the relationships that fill it, the politics that divide it, and the small victories and big losses that give it shape.”

“We’re living in such a unique moment in history,” says Dawes lead singer Taylor Goldsmith. “Many of these songs are an attempt to come to terms with the modern world, while always trying to consider both sides of the story…

“Songs can be passwords because they’re a means of giving access to someone else’s perspective, thereby elaborating your own.”

Tour dates here.


Five Notable Releases of the Week (5/4)


This week’s Notable Releases include Leon Bridges’ expansive sophomore album, Jon Hopkins’ long-awaited followup to ‘Immunity,’ Damien Jurado’s latest, and more.

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Buddy Guy Announces New Album ‘The Blues Is Alive And Well’

Legendary blues guitarist Buddy Guy enlisted members of The Rolling Stones and Jeff Beck for his latest studio album ‘The Blues Is Alive And Well.’

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Childish Gambino releases surprise song This is America


Donald Glover’s alter-ego released a surprise new track online while he hosted Saturday Night Live in the US.


Round Records Shares Additional Jerry Garcia ‘Before The Dead’ Recordings

Listen to Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia performing with pre-Dead acts Black Mountain Boys and Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers from the ‘Before The Dead’ box set.

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Cornelia Murr – “Man On My Mind” (Prod. Jim James)

Cornelia-Murr-Lake-Tear-Of-The-CloudsAfter years of collaborating with people like Elvis Perkins and Lola Kirke, LA-based singer-songwriter Cornelia Murr is gearing up to release her debut album this summer. It’s called Lake Tear Of The Clouds, and it speaks from a particular place in Murr’s life. Though born in London and now residing in California, Murr lived in … More »

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The Goon Sax announce new LP ‘We’re Not Talking’ (listen to “She Knows”)


Australian trio The Goon Sax will release their second album, We’re Not Talking on September 15 via Wichita / Chapter Music. Drummer Riley Jones is writing songs this time out, too, and her voice (bother creative and actual) joins James Harrison and Louis Forster’s for a new element to The Goon Sax’s appealing, strummy sound.

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Kacey Musgraves – “Space Cowboy” Video

Space Cowboy” was one of the first singles we heard from Kacey Musgraves’ new album, Golden Hour, and it marked a clear departure. The song is a simmering ballad about lost love, and its astral production clued us into the fact that Golden Hour would show us a whole new side of Musgraves. More »

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Ace Frehley releases new song ‘Bronx Boy’

Ace Frehley releases new song ‘Bronx Boy’  NYSMusicFull coverage


Stream Belly’s First New Album In 23 Years

Belly’s first new album in 23 years will be officially released next week. It’s titled Dove and it follows 1995’s King. We’ve heard a few singles from the LP already, including “Stars Align” and “Shiny One.” The band also debuted a new EP for Record Store Day that included a cut called “More »

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