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Free Bungle: Campaign to release chow chow puppy seized under Dangerous Dogs Act after 'nibbling' police officer's hand


‘Bungle’s only a little puppy and he must have been frightened stiff as the police tried to take him away’

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Axl Rose On Kanye’s Meeting With Trump: “What A Joke”

Guns N' RosesSomehow, Axl Rose has emerged as the voice of reason. Like many of us, the Guns N’ Roses frontman watched Kanye West’s summit with Donald Trump in the Oval Office today and found himself frustrated by the ordeal. Rose has been known to pontificate about politics on Twitter in recent years, … More »

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Kanye West said that Apple should build Trump an iPlane


Immediately after Kanye West revealed his terrible iPhone passcode to the world, he said that Apple should build Trump the iPlane1. 

“I brought a GIF with me right here,” West said in the Oval Office on Thursday during a meeting as he turned his phone over to the president. “This right here is the iPlane 1. It’s a hydrogen-powered airplane, and this is what our president should be flying in. We’re going to have Apple, an American company, work on this plane.”

“This is what our president should be flying in.”

Kanye West reaches over the Oval Office desk to show realDonaldTrump a picture of a hydrogen plane.

The rapper says if Trump “don’t look good, we don’t look good”.

Here’s what else they talked about:

— Sky News (@SkyNews) October 11, 2018 Read more…

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Kanye West calls for abolition of the 13th amendment – which abolished slavery


’13th amendment is slavery in disguise’ artist says, before backtracking on comments

Kanye West, armed with his MAGA hat, naively rants at the ‘SNL’ audience


Kanye West was the musical guest for the Season 44 premiere of Saturday Night Live. He brought his MAGA hat along.

It was originally supposed to be Ariana Grande, but she cancelled. So instead we got West, performing three songs (not SNL‘s usual two): A debut of “We Got Love,” featuring Teyana Taylor, along with “Ghost Town” (from West’s June 2018 album, Ye) and “I Love It,” featuring Lil Pump.

Those who attended the show’s live taping were also treated — maybe not the right word to use here, but just go with it — to another Kanye West trademark: An impassioned rant.

“They bullied me backstage. They said ‘Don’t go out there with that hat on.’ They bullied me.” Read more…

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Trump Jr. shares a fake Photoshop of his daddy’s approval rating


Donald Trump Jr. was caught red-handed for a terrible Photoshop job, but this time it wasn’t because he airbrushed his pores into oblivion

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Don Jr. shared a CNN report comparing Trump’s approval ratings with statistics from Obama’s presidency. 

“Amazing,” Trump Jr. captioned it. “I guess there is a magic wand to make things happen and @realdonaldtrump seems to have it.”

SEE ALSO: Airbrushed photo of Trump Jr. and his girlfriend inspires hilarious comparisons

Except, @realdonaldtrump doesn’t seem to “have it” because the screenshot is a poorly edited graphic that makes the current president’s approval say 50 percent instead of the actual 40 percent. In other words, Trump Jr. has (ironically) participated in spreading fake news. Read more…

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That New David Bowie Statue Has Already Been Vandalized

The world’s first David Bowie statue was unveiled Sunday in Aylesbury, the English town where Bowie first performed as Ziggy Stardust. Less than 48 hours later, it’s been vandalized. More »

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Designers of water slide that decapitated boy 'had no technical qualifications'


‘If we actually knew how to do this, and it could be done that easily, it wouldn’t be that spectacular’

Ancient cave paintings in Chile irreparably damaged by graffiti


Images of animals and boats lining caves are around 1,400 years old