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Bay Area Record Fest Spotlights Local Indie Labels and Musicians


Bay Area Record Fest Spotlights Local Indie Labels and Musicians  KQEDFull coverage
Alabama’s Sloss Festival Ends

SlossThe largest music festival in Alabama’s most populous city has announced that this summer’s event was its last, as weather issues had plagued the two days of shows. More »

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Artist Portraits From Desert Daze 2018

Slowdive-Desert-Daze-2018Last weekend, the seventh installment of Desert Daze took over Lake Perris in Southern California. For months, the festival had been updating an already impressive lineup with more and more names, the connective tissue between them all suggesting a weekend full of guitar-oriented acts bending their instruments (and the audience’s minds) as far … More »

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SXSW Announces Initial 2019 Bands List

SXSWThe year of our lord 2018 is finally drawing to a close, which, if you’re in the music industry, means it’s already time to start thinking about South By Southwest 2019. The music portion of the annual festival is coming to downtown Austin, Texas from 3/11-17 next year, and today, SXSW has announced the first … More »

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Fyre Festival Organizer Billy McFarland Sentenced to Six Years in Prison


Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland was sentenced to six years in federal prison in a Manhattan court today. McFarland was sentenced for two charges of wire fraud stemming from the botched Bahamian music festival disaster, which occurred (or didn’t, more accurately) in April of last year.  McFarland was also sentenced for two more counts of wire

Global Citizen Festival Barrier Collapses, Causing Panic and Injuries in “Near-Stampede”


The Global Citizen Festival took place Saturday night in New York’s Central Park and during the festival, a barrier collapsed, causing widespread panic and confusion. As the New York Times reports, attendees mistook the sound created by the falling barrier for gunshots, causing a “near-stampede” in some areas as concert goers ran for cover, jumping…

China sees surge of outdoor live music fests


China sees surge of outdoor live music fests  ecnsFull coverage
III Points Lineup 2019

III-PointsYou’ve got to love a music festival that has a sense of identity. For the past few years, the III Points Festival has been bringing an oblique and forward thinking mix of R&B, rap, dance music, and indie rock to Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. There’s always rock music on the bill, but it’s … More »

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Borderland festival transforms Knox Farm into a chilled out mini-Woodstock


Borderland festival transforms Knox Farm into a chilled out mini-Woodstock  Buffalo NewsFull coverage
Pitchfork Paris Festival 2018 announces afterparty lineup


Festival will host two afterparties plus a ‘club night’ on the final day

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