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Watch: A painful belly flop in slo-mo

YouTube creators Gavin and Dan, aka the Slo Mo Guys, make lots of fun slow-motion videos. In this one, Dan gets in a speedo and belly flops into a pool from a platform 15 feet in the air. To capture the painful plunge, they've got high-speed cameras set up poolside and underwater. Ouch!

(Tastefully Offensive)


‘The Karate Kid’ Returns With First ‘Cobra Kai’ Trailer

By William Dass

See Johnny and Daniel reignite their rivalry in the upcoming sequel series.

YouTube Red is producing 10 half-hour episodes to bring us back into the world of Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence, and martial arts drama. Back in August, we learned that Ralph Macchio (Daniel) and William Zabka (Johnny) would be reprising their roles from the 1984 movie The Karate Kid. Checking back in on characters we really haven’t known for more than three decades is an interesting way to talk about the changes and surprises we’ve all encountered in our lives since we were kids. How different should things be?

The teaser trailer for Cobra Kai has arrived. And, they assure you, some rivalries never end. Watch it here:

“I just don’t know why you’d ever want to bring back Cobra Kai.”

You know, that would be a very good question.

When the news was announced that Macchio and Zabka would be back, the two actors did a round of interviews.  They likened the angle to Creed. The series’ concept is to approach the renewed rivalry from Johnny’s perspective. It’s clear that their lives have taken different paths. So far as has been openly discussed, it sounds like Johnny hasn’t had the easiest time. Apparently, Johnny will be seeking a purpose by going back to something he knows: the Cobra Kai Dojo. Things get complicated when Daniel’s son joins.

Things are even more complicated for Daniel because he’s lost his longtime mentor, Mr. Miyagi. In that loss of balance, it would seem like a betrayal for his son to seek out the No Mercy fighting style preferred by the Cobra Kai. Macchio made it clear that the story angle was the primary reason he’s decided to come back to this character.

The key question, then, is how will their rivalry be defined?

At the end of the original Karate Kid, Johnny walks over to Daniel to personally hand him the trophy. Johnny tearfully tells him, “You’re all right, LaRusso!” It’s very clear that balance and anger management and finding a way to belong will again be major themes of the story. However, the end of the movie makes it feel like Johnny squashed his beef in defeat. Which is what makes that tagline “Some Rivalries Never End” worrisome.

Creed is a great example of the next generation’s evolution of a rivalry. The Rocky franchise has worked well as it morphed Apollo Creed from bitter rival to coach to friend. And Creed was able to work so well with that. Despite it not being a Rocky-centric movie, it’s arguably the best Rocky movie.

On the other hand, you have films like The Best of Times where Kurt Russell and Robin Williams get stuck trying to relive a fateful high school football game. Rich, complex emotions are where these types of things live and die. Nostalgia is perfectly fine, but! If that’s the appeal, Cobra Kai could leave a lot on the table.

It’s easy to fall back into a competitive, angry rut with former rivals. Particularly when you’re lost and angry. So, fight. Rage. Get angry. But, give us emotionally complex characters. The story is what got Macchio and Zabka back together after all these years. Make it a good one.

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John Oliver returns to ‘Last Week Tonight,’ talks Trump, Alec Baldwin and why he’s in awe of Jimmy Kimmel


“Thank you for coming,” John Oliver told a room full of reporters who gathered this week at HBO’s midtown headquarters to query him about “Last Week Tonight.” “I realize the Westminster Dog Show is on today. The fact you're here and not there means a great deal,”

Such self-deprecation is typical...


JK Simmons on Father Figures, Whiplash and parenthood


The Oscar-winning 'Whiplash' actor plays a reclusive criminal alongside Owen Wilson and Ed Helms in new comedy 'Father Figures'


Sports Illustrated features amputee athlete in swimsuit edition for the first time


'I hope women feel empowered by it'


This Compelling Game of Thrones Theory May Reveal the Night King’s Ultimate Plan

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

The season seven finale of Game of Thrones saw the Night King cross into Westeros on the back of the undead Viserion with his army of wights following close behind. But although he has finally breached the Wall, the Night King’s ultimate plan of attack remains unclear.

Luckily, one perceptive Thrones fan has come up with a pretty convincing theory about how the leader of the White Walkers will attempt to destroy the Seven Kingdoms and all those who live there. Banking off the idea that Jaime Lannister is headed north now that he has severed ties with his sister Cersei, Reddit user thetripleb speculates that the Night King will send his army to battle Jon Snow and company as a diversion while he takes Viserion south to sack King’s Landing.

“I think that Jaime will convince at least a contingent, if not the entire Lannister Army to join him in going North,” the Redditor wrote. “The combined armies go north and fight the army of the dead, defeating it but at great cost. However, the Night King and his dragon are not there. Why? They flew south [to] destroy King’s Landing, trading his army of 100,000 for the 1,000,000 in King’s Landing including Cersei. They foreshadowed it too much in the last episode. Euron and the Golden Company arrive at King’s Landing to a trap, where they are also killed and join the Night’s King army.”

Look no further for supporting evidence than visions both Daenerys and Bran have had of the Red Keep throne room destroyed and covered in snow, as well as Bran seeing a dragon flying over King’s Landing.

The diversionary tactic of sacrificing an army to achieve a greater goal has also already proven to be a successful maneuver twice in the show—once in season one by Robb Stark at the Battle of the Whispering Wood and again in season seven by the Lannisters at the Battle of Casterly Rock. The Night King now using this tactic against the living would be a very Game of Thrones full circle moment.



New York Fashion Week: Meet the 10-year-old 'drag kid' that just made his runway debut


As a boundary-breaking fashion brand that's known for its diverse representation, Gypsy Sport is no stranger to casting a varied array of models for its shows.


Sir Patrick Stewart busts out the Shakespeare at the Sci-Tech Oscar Awards

In a lead-up to this year's Oscar Awards, scientific and technical innovation in the art of filmmaking, from animation to camera design, were recognized at the Sci-Tech Awards ceremony hosted by Patrick Stewart.

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Hip-hop suffragettes musical hopes to be a ‘British Hamilton’

Suffrageddon is incomplete, but buoyed producers seek funds to develop show

At the moment, the material only stretches to 12 minutes. But – after a standing ovation at the London Palladium – producers of a fledgling hip-hop musical about the suffragettes are hopeful that it could be a “British Hamilton”.

Last week, singers and musicians performed songs from a planned musical called Suffrageddon at a Guardian Live-supported evening of the popular podcast The Guilty Feminist.

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‘I Feel Pretty’ Trailer: Amy Schumer Takes a Blow to the Head, Gains Confidence

By M.K. Abas

Amy Schumer sets out to prove that all some people need to feel pretty is a head injury.

Amy Schumer leads the new trailer for I Feel Pretty, and it’s all you’ve come to expect from Schumer: poorly-executed self-deprecation, casual sexism, and, of course – celebrity cameos.

I Feel Pretty is set to be released in June 2018 by STX Entertainment, who bought the film at Cannes for $15 million. It will be the latest rom-com starring role for Schumer, who also starred in Snatched this past summer. She had also recently removed herself from the upcoming Barbie movie to make time for dramedy She Came to Me.

Schumer, a self-confessed size 6, plays Renee, a woman who can’t find her dress size in stores despite being played by Amy Schumer. She suffers from an ailing self-esteem and often finds herself at the short end of the stick of life. After falling off a stationary bike while at the gym, she experiences a head injury that changes her self-perception entirely: in her mind, she looks like a supermodel, despite her appearance remaining unchanged.

The film is both co-directed and co-written by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, known for writing many of the last few decades’ most deceptively offensive rom-coms (Never Been KissedThe Vow, etcetera) and also stars Busy Phillips and Aidy BryantNaomi Campbell and Michelle Williams also make appearances, both playing the woman that can really only be found in films like these – the kind that physically gapes and squawks in front of another woman who dares to express self-worth.

In the age-old tradition of tell-don’t-show, the trailer all but explains the entirety of the plot. Schumer’s Renee becomes confident, and it changes her life entirely – the job shows her demanding a promotion, getting a boyfriend, strutting into a private jet. One must assume that, like its equally-ill-formed counterpart Shallow Hal, she will come to eventually and will have learned a little something about loving herself. All it took was a violent head injury to get her there.

If you’re interested, watch the trailer for I Feel Pretty here:

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