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Westworld’s Season Two Premiere Has Lots of Dead Bodies and Almost Nothing Else


Westworld’s second season premiere lasts just two minutes before a character utters the phrase “What is real?” Dolores asks the question to Bernard, in one of those face-to-face diagnostic sessions that we’ve surely seen five thousand times in Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s blockbuster sci-fi series by now. These scenes are like random


John Oliver compares Trump’s Iran deal stance to a cat on an airplane


When faced with a “will he, won’t he” question, Trump always picks the worst answer, and John Oliver is here to explain his next big mistake.

On Last Week Tonight last night, Oliver talked about Trump’s upcoming Iran Deal decision, why Trump hates the Iran Deal so much, and what would happen if he kills it.

It’s hilarious yet disturbing.

Oliver first points out how much Trump pretends to know about the Iran Deal, with clips of Trump citing elements of the deal that don’t exist. 

“Let’s be absolutely clear here, Donald Trump has never studied anything in great detail,” Oliver said. “If you asked him what color his wife’s eyes are, he would say ’34D, but firm.'” Read more…

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Verne Troyer: Austin Powers star’s film and TV moments


Verne Troyer, who also appeared in Harry Potter as well as Celebrity Big Brother, has died at the age of 49.


an interview with Isahn on upcoming album ‘Amr’


We chatted with black metal artist Ihsahn about the new album, his writing process, the challenges he faces with vocals, and more.

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New York City’s B.B. King Blues Club To Close

After nearly 18 years, B.B. King Blues Club will close its doors later this month.

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‘Labyrinth’ being rereleased to theaters; musical in the works


Jim Henson and David Bowie’s ‘Labyrinth’ will be back in theaters for a three-day run this spring.

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Stan Lee is suing his ex-business manager for fraud, elder abuse


Marvel comics icon Stan Lee has filed a lawsuit against former manager Jerardo Olivarez alleging fraud, financial abuse of an elder, conversion and misappropriation of his name and likeness.

In a complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, Olivarez is accused of being one of many “unscrupulous…


The Walking Dead season 8 finale: Killed off character to make surprise return in episode 16


The season’s final episode will feature a rare flashback to a time before the apocalypse


Ed Sheeran responds to claims he's building a wall around his house 'to keep out homeless people'


Singer-songwriter wrote a message to The Sun newspaper on Instagram explaining that he wanted a wall ‘to keep the paps that you employ from being on my doorstep’


Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro roast Trump in a blockbuster ‘SNL’ cold open


Donald Trump and his henchmen— er, administration had a busy week after the home, office, and hotel room of Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen were raided by the FBI. And Saturday Night Live pulled out all the stops in the latest cold open as a result.

Ben Stiller’s Cohen visits Washington, D.C. for a meeting that turns out to be an ambush: Waiting for him is none other than Robert Mueller (Robert De Niro), along with a polygraph test. 

The cold open is called “Meet the Parents” for a reason, folks. Read more…

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