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These kids perfectly recreated the ‘Black Panther’ character posters


As a part of the ‘Hero In Us All‘ project, several kids from the Looks Like Me talent agency were transformed into T’Challa, Nakia, W’Kabi, Killmonger, Shuri, and Ramonda. 

The initiative helped kids feel proud that they could finally embody superheroes that looked like them.


Talent Agency Looks Like Me UK
Styling by Basma Khalifa
Face painting by Nyomie McCook
Special thanks to Vine Creatives for bringing the team together Read more…

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Amazing moments captured by this very patient street photographer

Street photographer Pao Buscató has gained a reputation for finding moments that feel impossibly coincidental. (more…)

Someone put this Jason Voorhees statue under a lake to freak out divers

Friday the 13th‘s bad guy Jason Voorhees can’t die but he can be chained under a lake near Crosby, Minnesota.

Dread Central reports:

Remember the end of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives where Megan and Tommy manage to trap Jason in the bottom of Crystal Lake? Well, it seems that some random person has recreated this scene by planting a Jason statue, complete with mask and machete, 120 feet deep in a Minnesotan lake that is supposedly very popular with divers!… The statue was planted in 2013 and, as such, has gone through some wear and tear over the years.

The man behind the statue, diver Curtis Lahr, captured this footage of his creepy creation in 2014:

He went back at the end of last year and shot this video to show the goalie mask-wearing villian’s current condition (now 17% more creepy):

P.S. Fans of the franchise may enjoy this upcoming tour of “Camp Crystal Lake” (which takes place at the actual film location in New Jersey, not where the Jason statue is in Minnesota).

Thanks, John!

“Of Cuba And The World To Come” by Photographer Sam Parkes

Photographer Sam Parkes traveled throughout Cuba documenting the country’s youth and trying to ascertain their visions of and attitude toward the future. As he shared with us:

“The nature of a photograph is limitation. I wanted the images to push those limits, to fill the space both physically and viscerally, to capture in the composition of an image an intensity, a longing, a desire for new possibilities, a forging of a world to come.”

This project was submitted by Sam Parkes and selected as an Editor Pick. Click here if you have a project you’d like to share!


Sam Parkes

Once-in-a-lifetime chance to see legendary Rockerfeller art collection


The famous Rockefeller art collection is in London ahead of a New York Christie’s auction.

How 21 artists graffitied one man's property, made it famous, sued him when he knocked it down and won $6.7m


The huge amount of damages awarded in this case will convince many that ignoring legal provisions and disregarding legitimate graffiti art is not a good idea

Street poetry groups fight prejudice about favelas in Rio de Janeiro


They rhyme about racism and police violence, among other social issues

Picasso: Are we doing it to death?


‘Picasso 1932 – Love, Fame, Tragedy’, which opens at Tate Modern next month, consists of paintings, sculptures and drawings made in an intensely creative single year. Michael Glover wonders whether that might not necessarily be a good thing

New scanning technique reveals secrets behind great paintings


An innovative scanning system is making it easier to find the hidden stories behind artworks.

Design firm reveals new MC Escher wallpaper

MC Escher’s mind-bending works will soon be available as fancy wallpaper, thanks to a collaboration with Escher’s estate and Italian design firm Jannelli & Volpi. (more…)

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