The best queer moments in culture in 2018


2018 has been a banner year for hot queer people on television. Growing up as a queer kid, this was kind of all I ever wanted (besides being accepted for “who I was,” blah blah blah). 

But that’s the not the only form of progress. Wherever you look (that’s not the Trump White House), queer people have been making headway — in Congress, film, music, theater, and on social media. 

The queers are taking over, and for good.

Just look at all the strangely uplifting facts before us: Queer and trans people had a record-shattering year on television. They broke absurd amounts of ground in government. They made some charmingly slubby and kind cis men look handsome and good.  Read more…

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The Article Was Written/Published By: Heather Dockray