‘Game of Thrones’ composer on his epic concert tour and how he writes all those bangers


Ramin Djawadi doesn’t have any Game of Thrones theories.

The Emmy-winning composer of Thrones, Westworld, Jack Ryan and more is in the midst of another national – actually, international – concert tour, but when it comes to prepping for Season 8, theorizing is one thing he won’t do.

“I’m the worst person to ask!” he tells Mashable in a phone interview. “People ask me ‘What’s your favorite scene?’ or like my favorite to write, and it’s so hard because I feel like as the composer for the show I need to treat all the characters and all the themes as equally as possible. You know, it’s like you love all the kids the same – and so same with me trying to predict the ending or saying I would love to see this character on the throne. I literally just freeze and go ‘I don’t know.'” Read more…

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